Educational Tourism

Edu-Tourism offers a good approach for pursuing education, carrying out research activities, and knowledge whilst traveling. The main purpose of this travel package is to obtain knowledge, Exchange Ideas, Enhances Perspective, Personal Development, Global Networking.

The most energizing piece of these learning trips are Students have the experience of making tracks in an opposite direction from the local land classroom and experience things topographically.

Aero-Space Educational Tour

Aerospace tourism enhances research, academic respective and technological capabilities of students through their visit to aerospace organizations.

Aerospace Tourism promotes aerospace, aviation, science,technology, engineering and much more. These brand out the students, shapes their experiences and aspire their youth.

Wild-Life Educational Tour

Wildlife tourism is more than travel, it lets you enjoy and appreciate wildlife also contributing to conservation and community projects.

Underwater Educational Tour

The educational underwater trail offers unique experience of visiting natural and archeological locales of the outstandingly rich and all around safeguarded, marine world.

This package includes swimming and underwater sightseeing at small depths using an audio guide and educational panels set up at various experiential points.


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